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Considering a Divorce in the New Year?


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For many couples, the arrival of a new year is accompanied by feelings of hope, fresh starts, new goals and more.  For some couples, the new year doesn’t bring fresh, good feelings. During the previous year (2020) as the Covid-19 pandemic became a worldwide reality, the stresses on a marriage were many. Many people noted that strong marriages became stronger while troubled marriages became even more flawed and troubled, leading some couples to considering a divorce.

Are you considering a divorce in the new year?

Getting divorced is a big decision and one that should be carefully considered before being pursued.  It’s true that my office phone rings more in January than in any other month of the year.  People feel the need to take action when they are unhappy, frustrated and angry.

But if you are considering a divorce, before a couple files, here are a few things to keep in mind. Dissolving a marriage is seldom easy.

1. Have you considered couples counseling? Seasoned marriage therapists practice discernment counseling which is designed to assist a couple struggling to determine if divorce is the right path for them. Effective counseling can greatly help couples talk to each other and sometimes can give them the tools they need to remain married and build toward a better relationship.  Give counseling a chance to be of value you to before you decide to divorce…

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