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Divorce While The World’s Gone Mad


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As I write this it seems like we are living in a world gone mad. People are raw with anger, hurt, pain and fear. Images of upset fill each newscast and color our days. Fear can be overwhelming and paralyzing, but fear can also be a motivation for change, or a call to action. In my work as an attorney, mediator and a collaborative divorce practitioner I deal with fear every day. Very frequently my clients report their fear of the unknown, fear of making a decision that will change their family’s life, fear of the divorce process and the legal system, fear of life after the divorce. Although I can’t erase the fear, I do help my clients manage their fears by educating them about the divorce process, the legal system, the different approaches to divorce and about the options they have. With information and education about the process I am able to empower the client to make important decisions through the divorce process – an experience that has lifelong implications for the couple dissolving their marriage.

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