In 2016, Illinois adopted statutes that impact divorce proceedings. Specifically, the new laws impact parenting responsibility, decision-making and parenting time, which are each defined as they pertain to divorce. In many divorce proceedings, issues surrounding parenting, decision-making, child support and spousal support are among the most difficult to resolve. Reaching agreement on where the children will live and who takes responsibility for certain financial obligations can be a daunting task.

I am happy to explain the new statutes as they relate to your divorce. Areas that may be impacted include parenting responsibility and decision-making, visitation plans, spousal support, and property allocation.

At the law firm of Anna K Law, you can count on me to employ the full breadth of my experience in these matters to secure positive results on your behalf. I passionately and tirelessly pursue innovative solutions, with a constant focus on ensuring that you and your children are in the best possible position as you move forward.

Parenting Responsibility And Decision-Making

I help divorcing couples reach agreement on parenting plans that serve the best interests of their children without excluding the rights of either parent. In Cook and Lake counties, the court requires mediation in parenting and visitation issues. I can help you prepare for mediation and if necessary, take your case to court to protect your interests.

Experienced And Empathetic Child Support Attorneys

Every family law determination concerning children revolves around what is in the best interest of the child. Studies have shown that children adjust best to divorce and separation when both parents contribute to their health, education and well-being. It is also unfair for one parent to bear the burden of raising a child.

Therefore, there is an assumption in Illinois that both parents will share child-rearing costs. Because of this, Illinois courts recently began using an “income-shared model” in making child support calculations. As part of this model, courts assess a certain percentage of the noncustodial parent’s income for use in supporting the child or children. This number varies depending on the number of children in the custodial parent’s household.

Courts will look at combined family income and the size of the family along with other factors, depending upon the child’s needs. Courts also look at specific economic data in determining the amount that parents typically spend on children’s needs.

I will take a close look at all of these factors in making certain any child support determination made by the court is correct. I closely examine expenses for health care, school tuition, extracurricular activities, and other needs to reach the most favorable financial arrangement for those I represent. In addition, I work to secure a clear financial picture to present to the court.

Spousal Maintenance

In divorces involving one spouse who was the primary wage earner, the other spouse may have a claim for spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony. I understand the factors the court considers in making these decisions. Whether you are the spouse seeking maintenance or the spouse defending against a maintenance request, I will present the most compelling argument possible to support your position.

Looking Out For Your Interests

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Divorce can’t ever be stress-free, even when it’s “amicable” as mine was, but Anna shepherded me through this process in a way that truly minimized the anxiety and uncertainty for me. She combines extensive expertise ( including about the collaborative divorce process in my case) with a steady, always-engaged presence that always had me feeling that I was in good hands. She was easily reached, and she was frank, patient and pragmatic with my numerous questions and concerns. Her office staff are pleasant and efficient. Under the circumstances, this experience was as quick and painless as it could have been; if divorce is necessary, you will make a good choice in retaining Anna!

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