Divorce after the holidays

Many people will agree that the holidays have a certain energy and momentum to them that carry people from one emotionally charged holiday to the next. It seems like Halloween begins a feeling of festivity, especially for children. Thanksgiving has the power to bring people together emotionally or not.

Hanukkah and Christmas are laden with emotion, expectation, and vibes that reach back to our earliest years. Then comes New Year’s Eve which can be magnificent or crushingly painful for people who feel their personal life is out of alignment with their hopes and dreams for themselves.

Many spouses begin filing for divorce after the holidays. It may come as no surprise to you that divorce filings increase after January 1. For many people, the cycle of holidays is just too much, and they emerge from them wishing for a divorce. When prospective clients call my office after New Year’s Day we talk about several elements as preliminary to the work of a divorce filing.

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