“I selected Anna to represent me through my divorce proceedings. She is a great listener and she’s a compassionate partner yet she was always a strong advocate for my best interests throughout the process. It was important to me (and my former spouse) that our process would be collaborative and not injurious to us and our family. Anna ensured we achieved our goals and we emerged feeling whole thanks to her.”
By: M.H ★★★★★

“I had the opportunity to work with Anna and her team. From the initial visit it was clear there are advantages working through collaboration process versus litigation for the separating couple as well as having a clear plan given that we had a child involved. Anna was professional and very helpful navigating conversations while providing guidance on next steps throughout the process and focusing on working together as a team to create a parenting & separation agreement that is agreeable to all parties. I would highly recommended speaking with Anna prior toward choosing a route outside of collaboration or selecting another firm to work their case.”
By: R. ★★★★★

“My Divorce was complex and at times the circumstances were not easy. Anna guided our divorce using a Collaborative approach which greatly improved the process. Ultimately, we were able to come to an equitable agreement and reach closure for our marriage. I am grateful to Anna for her counsel and guidance through the experience.” 
By: M.L. ★★★★★